Taichokun Visits Yongchun White Crane

After a fruitful exchange with Sensei Hanshi Tetsuhiro Hokama and his students in Okinawa, we passed by Hong Kong and visited the famous White Crane teacher, Master Lee Kong, on our way back to Singapore.

Sifu Lee is nicknamed the “Ironpen” of the Chinese martial arts world for his firmness when addressing and writing about issues going on in Chinese martial arts. He is a close friend and someone our school respects a lot. Every discussion with him opens a new level of understanding in martial arts and sometimes in life.


Every opportunity we have to engage him, whether in discussion or by crossing hands, has proven fruitful, and we are always grateful for the time he can spend with us.

Thank you as well to Master Lee’s Hong Kong Yongchun White Crane Kungfu Study Group for their kindness and warm hospitality during our visit.

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