Qigong Classes

Qigong Classes Singapore

Qi in the Chinese language is literally ‘Air’, Qigong in Taichokun represents the training of Waiqi 外氣 ‘breathing methods’ as well as the innate Neiqi 内氣‘Life Energy’ flowing in our bodies.

We practice two forms of Qigong in Taichokun Singapore Samchien and Yijinjing.



Because training of Samchien starts as tension form, it is often misunderstood as a ‘Hard’ training method, the goals of Samchien is to achieve balance between the soft and the hard. It is especially effective in developing proper breathing control, power and muscular coordination. Training of Samchien can help develop what some people will refer to as ‘inner power’, inner power is not mythical nor should it be treated as such. The ability to deliver explosive penetrating power in Taichokun can all be explained by studying body mechanics and understanding physics. Practitioners of Samchien are taught to hone their breathing skills that is beneficial not only for martial arts training but also for all types of physical exercises. Through the coordination of the body and breathing control, practitioners of Samchien eventually are able to do the Taichokun’s version of one inch punch.

In training Neiqi, practitioners regulate the inner Qi within their bodies, this has the immediate effect of calming their minds, increasing concentration to high level. This concentration is not only useful for training in martial arts but also good in everyday life such as working on a project or writing an essay. Training of Qi is especially important for Martial artists who trains hard as training of Qi acts as a counterbalance.



Originated from Bodhidharma the founder of Shaolin, Yijinjing or “Muscle/Tendon Change Classic” is a Qigong Set that is targeted towards not only the general public but also for people who are keen on improving their martial arts and sports.

Often misunderstood as a ‘Soft’ method, Yijinjing’s final goal is the same as Samchien, to achieve balance of the internal and external. Training of Yijinjing consists of a series of extension exercises and stretches not dissimilar to Yoga or Pilates. However Yijinjing has the additional component of Qi. Yijinjing has been exaggerated in Wuxia Novels to the point of super human powers, however the real Yijinjing has its martial benefits to improve strength, flexibility and power. Unlike Samchien which is a series of explosive motions, Yijinjing is more continuous and it’s focused on its stretches which will improve range of movement.