Panel of Advisors

Heng Mok Pheng
Traditional Chinese Medicine Advisor

Dr Heng is a Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner in Singapore and has practised close to 40 years in the medical industry. While his profession is TCM, Dr Heng is also a master in various Chinese Martial arts such as Hunggar and Wingchun. Being a martial artist himself, Dr Heng understands the various challenges and injuries that martial artists will encounter in our training. He currently runs the YY Health Centre in Singapore and has been the TCM Advisor of Taichokun Singapore since 2020.


Desmond Ching
Technical Advisor – Muay thai

Desmond Ching lives in Singapore and is the Head Coach of Garuda Muay Thai. Desmond has more than 15 years training and coaching Muay Thai experience.  He is also a dedicated practitioner of both Kali and Hunggar Kungfu. He is currently the Muay Thai Advisor of Taichokun Singapore.