Taichokun or the Grand Ancestor Fist is a Chinese Traditional Kungfu or Kuntao originating from the Song Dynasty. It is now one of the rarest martial art in Singapore. The characteristic of Taichokun is direct, powerful and effective. A complete Taichokun training include forms, two man drills and qigong training.

Benefits of Training in Taichokun

Physical benefits of Taichokun include increased power generation, reaction, improved fitness and increased recovery. Internal and Mental benefits include discipline, self-cultivation, well-being and healthier lifestyle.

For Students

Taichokun adopts modern sports science to increase fitness and complement training in an ancient proven style of self-defense. It can also supplement any combat sports or other sports that students do with our unique breathing and power generation techniques.

For the working man/woman

Taichokun can improve your performance in your work by increasing your mental focus and increasing your energy level and reduce stress. Besides developing your fitness level you will also at the same time gain self-defense knowledge and training.



Why are we different?

Taichokun Singapore is focused on traditional arts, however we do acknowledge the limitations and certain outdated training methods associated with tradition. This is why we introduce modern fitness training into our syllabus while preserving the essence of traditional Taichokun. Taichokun is holistic training, including the entire spectrum from Fitness, Self-Defense and overall wellness.


Forms (KunTo)

Forms are an essential part of Taichokun, unlike most other styles, Taichokun forms are short, powerful and non-flowery focused on practical training. Training in forms have a huge emphasis on the internal (mental, focus, visualisation) as well as the external (structure, technique, power generation, breathing). Practising forms purely by just memorising and sacrificing actual training for display is frowned upon.  The most essential form in Taichokun is Samchien.

Key forms in Taichokun are


二十拳,Lisip Kun

撩戰拳,Liao Chien Kun

五關拳,Ngo Guan Kun

五關八法,Ngo Guan Pat Fatt

龍頭戰,Liong Tao Chien

五虎戰,Ngo Hor Chien

朕頭,Dim Tao

四門打角 Si Meng Pa Ka

四平拳 Si Peng Kun

三戰十字,Samchien Sipli

羅漢拳, Lo Han

太祖三戰 Taicho Samchien

The most essential form Samchien.


Samchien is the Kunbu (Mother of Fists) of Taichokun. This is the single most essential form in Taichokun. The form draws on the I-ching Principle of Samzai (pinyin: san cai ) Samzai is the concept of Heaven (tien ), Earth (deh ) and Man (jin ). When these three are in harmony the world is complete and in unison. The training of Samchian is to harmonise both the internal and the external parts of the body to produce explosive force in martial arts and to at. Training in Samchien is a life long journey and its benefits are too numerous to list.

Traditional Chinese Weapons


As part of the tradition, Taichokun includes optional training of traditional Chinese weapons. Training of weapons are mandatory for senior members.

Taicho kun Weapon forms include:

單枝, Single Short Stick
雙枝 Double Short Sticks
太祖單頭棍 Taicho Entwining Dragon Form (Single Headed Staff)
太祖雙頭棍 Double Headed Staff
單刀, Broadsword
雙刀 Double Broadsword
雙匕首 Double Daggers
鉤鐮槍 Hooked Spear
開路刀, Kailu Blade
三尖二刃刀, Three Point Two Edge Blade