Ngochokun Singapore



Ngochokun, literally Five Ancestors Fist is a Kungfu or Kuntao style that developed side by side with Taichokun in Fujian China. It is one of the styles taught in Singapore by Taichokun Singapore. In Qing Dynasty, the term Ngochokun and Taichokun were used interchangeably as many practitioners of Ngochokun were originally Taichokun masters.  There are several definitions on who the ‘Five Ancestors’ in Ngochokun represent, but it is now common consensus that the Five Ancestors represent the five major styles in Fujian namely Taichokun 太祖拳, Bodhidharma Fist 達尊(Tatzun), Monk Fist 羅漢 (Luohan), White Crane 白鹤 (Bekho), Monkey Fist 行者 (Gaokun). The International Wuzuquan Federation gives the definition of Ngochokun as an umbrella term for practitioners of these five arts.

In Taichokun Singapore, we offer training in Ngochokun Forms, namely from the Tatzun and Luohan systems. Our Ngochokun Lineage is taken from Sifu Chew Mengyuan 周盟渊, who subscribed to the Chua Geok Beng Lineage and a strong emphasis is done on the techniques, principles and power generation.

We also offer trainings for the official Wuzuquan Duanwei Grading approved by Chinese Wushu Federation in China.

Besides Kungfu Forms, Taichokun Singapore uses the unique Southern Yijinjing易筋經from the Tatzun達尊 tradition to balance our hard training with soft relaxation and recovery methods.