Philip Chan



Philip started his journey in martial arts late, originally having been more interested in Rugby and automotives. He first joined a Ted Wong Jeet Kune Do group in 2009, and trained for 2 years before leaving for Ashihara Karate in 2011, and earned his shodan (1st dan) black belt in 2016. Along the way, he cross trained in Western boxing, sanshou and xingyi quan.

He fought in a sanshou friendly in 2014 and the WKO Singapore Full Contact karate tournament in 2015. Although there were no medals earnt, the experience gained was invaluable as he realised that traditional martial arts lost out to combat sports as they lacked practice through sparring as well as building up the mental faculties on reacting in a situation should one be attacked.

After discussing in depth with Coach Dominic on his desire to learn a traditional southern chinese art, He was introduced to taichokun aka Grand Ancestor Boxing. He saw the potential in the art if taught using concepts from combat sports and modern self defence systems, and is working with Coach Dominic to bring this ancient art to a higher level.

Philip always thinks out of the box and his input allows Taichokun Singapore to develop in ways that most traditional arts would not.