Dominic Lim



Dominic Lim is an instructor at Taichokun Singapore. He started martial arts at a young age, dabbling in different martial arts common in Singapore like Taekwondo, Aikido, Judo, Karate and Northern Kungfu. However, Dominic only started to seriously train in martial arts after meeting Grandmaster Teo Choon Teck in 1997 who introduces Taichokun to Dominic. Teo Choon Teck is a charismatic man with a strong character. He was also a Southeast Asian Free Sparring Champion. While training with Sifu Teo at his Sancheendo School located at Peoples Association, Dominic had a habit to be the first one to arrive in class to help with the chores and the last one to leave. It was during this time Dominic had the most interaction with Sifu Teo, listening to all the stories of the past and sharing his life experiences and combat knowledge. Dominic was amazed by the simplicity yet complex nature of Taichokun and most of all its practicality. It is also with Sifu Teo that Dominic learnt most of his Taichokun from.

After training with Teo for 15 years, Dominic started to step out of his own school and seek out Top Taichokun/Ngochokun masters in China. He contacted Sifu Chew Meng Yuan (pinyin Zhou Mengyuan 周盟渊), a top Ngochokun master who is one of the highest authority of the subject. With Chew, Dominic studied advanced Ngochokun and was exposed to the deeper philosophical meanings and principles of Ngochokun.

 Dominic was interviewed by Local TV and Xinhua News during his travels to China to study Taichokun. He has also appeared on History Channel to explain and demostrate martial arts. In 2017 he had also been interviewed by FM 95.8 to talk about Self Defence. Dominic is serious in the quality of his classes and takes extra effort to make sure that his students can benefit and enjoy their training. In terms of professional qualifications, Dominic has got NCAP Level 1 Certificate and SFA + AED Certificates. He holds a 7th Duan from the International Wuzuquan Federation (China) and a 4th Dan Black belt in Sancheendo Martial arts institute (Singapore).Dominic also holds a committee position of Assistant Secretary General at the World Wuzuquan Promotional Federation (Hong Kong). Dominic is also the official Taichokun representative of the new Singapore Traditional Wushu Federation and a certified Sanda Instructor from Singapore Wushu and Lion Dance Federation. He has also competed in local and international tournaments, with favourable results.

 Besides traditional training, Dominic was also a certified Personal Trainer and had worked in California fitness. His experience in the fitness industry gives him the edge on modern sports science that most traditional martial arts lacked.


International Southern Shaolin Wuzuquan Federation – 7th Dan

Sancheendo Martial Arts Institute 4th Degree Black Belt

World Wuzuquan Promotional Association Assistant Secretary General

Singapore Traditional Wushu Federation Committee Member

Singapore Traditional Wushu Federation Certified Wushu Judge

Singapore Wushu and Dragon Dance Federation – Certified Sanda Coach

American Fitness Professionals and Associates – Certified Personal Trainer

Singapore Sports Council   NCAP Level 1 Coach



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