Carlos Souza

Professor Carlos Souza created his Kungfu club in Mogi Mirim, Sao Paulo Brazil together with Professor Alexandre Degaspari. Sifu Alexandre is the student of professor Olcir Robaldeli under the Bien Hoo Ngochokun lineage of Sifu Gregory Tan.

Carlos is inspired by the Movie “Shaolin Temple” and started his 14 years journey practising Martial Arts. First with the Kungfu instructor Professor Adriano Melo, and later training Hunggar Kungfu with Vanildo de Oliveira.

When Carlos was introduced to the southern Fist of Ngochokun, by Professor Alexandre he became enthralled by the complexities of the Ngochokun.

When Carlos discovered Taichokun through Dominc Lim, he was impressed by the power and precision of the art. Determined to take his art to the next level, Carlos switched to Taichokun and is currently studying Taichokun under Dominic Lim.

In 2017 Carlos approached Dominic Lim and offered to bring his two Brazilian Kungfu Schools under the banner of Taichokun Singapore.

The Brazilian Branches under the leadership of Carlos are currently going through the transitional peroid to become full members of Taichokun Singapore.