North American Visitors 2018

We are excited to have Ngochokun masters from Canada and USA visit Taichokun Singapore!

This year, we are particularly honoured to have had Sifu Nigel Poulton (from Kong Han Ngochokun Tampa, USA) & Sifu Daniel Kun (Head of the Americas in Kong Han Ngochokun Club) come to Singapore and to share their experience with us.

We especially thank Sifu Nigel for sharing one of his Ngochukun forms with our TCK Singapore students.

Thank you to you both for your visits! We hope to reciprocate the visits someday!


Crime Prevention Day

Members of Taichokun Singapore were invited by the organisers of Crime Prevention Day to conduct a martial arts performance for the Singaporean public.

In addition to our empty fist form and weapons demonstrations, our Taichokun team also displayed our classic Samchien form and a couple of self defence techniques. These were all well-received by the general public as well as members of the Singapore Police Force.

We had a fantastic time sharing Taichokun with our fellow Singaporeans and getting to know others in our community. Once again, we would like to extend our gratitude to the event organizers for inviting us and asking us to perform.


Wushu Masters Meet @ Lion City

We are honoured to have been invited by the Chen Style Taijiquan Association to give a speech and perform a demonstration of Taichokun at the Wushu Masters Meet.

The demonstration was a big event in the Traditional Wushu world of Singapore with 29 teachers from different arts, including 80 year old Li Jia Quan’s leader “Boxing Sai”, who is an inspiration to all of us.


We are grateful to have had opportunity to perform on the same stage with these legends.

To check out a video of this event, visit our Facebook page!